Thursday, 25 March 2021

BTFD SUPERFARM on with 5 simple steps

Buy the fucking dick!! Oops I mean the fucking Dip

1. Sign up now

2. Deposit USDT of Gateio with USDT that you bought in Indodax, you need to have Indodax to buy USDT with your rupiahs.

3. Then buy SUPERFARM on SUPER/USDT marketplace

  • Limit Order
  • Grid Trading
  • Time Condition
Stop Order
My balance 0.0018 USDT Deposit Withdraw
Amount SUPER

4. Choose Limit Order...Press your Balance amount, then choose the lowest price on Order Book that have red color (the price above Last Price) <<this Important, don't miss-click the other price, then press BUY

5. Why we choose that price? because we do limit buy and we want to buy it instantly. It is not like Indodax that having Market/Instant radio button.

Contact me when you want to ask when we should buy or when we should not buy I will give answer but don't ask me when to sell...ever! 

Note: you need to verify your Gateio account before you can buy/sell anything

is it legal? ya

is it cool? ya

is it risk? sure

is it will be good? we hope so, who doesn't know superman? this is superfarm... actually no relation between superman and this farm indeed

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