Thursday, 24 June 2021

Twinci NFT Marketplace

 Buka di wallet dApp (TrustWallet/Metamask) 

Marketplace Sosial NFT pertama. Buat, jual, dan kumpulkan item digital yg diamankan dengan blockchain telah teraudit oleh CertiK

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SC address 0xaf83f292fced83032f52ced45ef7dbddb586441a

Twinci referral program is officially launched!

👥 Refer friends and get up to 2000% commission for every NFT Buy & Sell by your referrals

1️⃣Go to

2️⃣Connect to Smart Chain then Create Account

3️⃣Get ref link then Share with friends

4️⃣Get $FOXCI token (can be sold/staked in July)




Thursday, 25 March 2021

BTFD SUPERFARM on with 5 simple steps

Buy the fucking dick!! Oops I mean the fucking Dip

1. Sign up now

2. Deposit USDT of Gateio with USDT that you bought in Indodax, you need to have Indodax to buy USDT with your rupiahs.

3. Then buy SUPERFARM on SUPER/USDT marketplace

  • Limit Order
  • Grid Trading
  • Time Condition
Stop Order
My balance 0.0018 USDT Deposit Withdraw
Amount SUPER

4. Choose Limit Order...Press your Balance amount, then choose the lowest price on Order Book that have red color (the price above Last Price) <<this Important, don't miss-click the other price, then press BUY

5. Why we choose that price? because we do limit buy and we want to buy it instantly. It is not like Indodax that having Market/Instant radio button.

Contact me when you want to ask when we should buy or when we should not buy I will give answer but don't ask me when to sell...ever! 

Note: you need to verify your Gateio account before you can buy/sell anything

is it legal? ya

is it cool? ya

is it risk? sure

is it will be good? we hope so, who doesn't know superman? this is superfarm... actually no relation between superman and this farm indeed

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

How to Earn Passive Income by Hodling a Native Token of One of the Big Exchange in the World

What you do is simple just signup and buy KCS on the KuCoin

1. Signup on

2. Deposit USDT with TRC20 to minimalize fee from any wallets or exchanges to your KuCoin Asset Deposit address

3. Buy KCS and hold it

4. Claim daily on KuCoin Bonus section

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

ETN wallet and claim

Download wallet on PlayStore

How to mining ETN 1. Install the app wallet miner 2. Open then create account, make sure your phone number is verified 3. Open your app then login. Start Mining! Wanna received 1% bonus of your mining result, use my referral code. Open tab More then scan the barcode. Let's mining together! Or put code DD2ABF

Wanna received 1% bonus of your mining result, use my referral code. Open tab More on your ETN app, then scan the barcode. Let's mining together!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

0.001 BTC per person that joined as your referral

Dapatkan 0,001 BTC untuk setiap orang yang anda undang

Berbagi link undangan adalah cara termudah untuk mendapatkan btc gratis!

Untuk setiap pengguna baru yang mendaftar dengan link undangan anda / kode dan memverifikasi ID dan Selfie mereka, anda berdua akan mendapatkan 1000 bit.

This win-win solution brought to you by Coins, platform mobile blockchain terkemuka di Asia Tenggara yang memungkin siapapun, tanpa rekening bank pun, dapat dengan mudah mengakses layanan keuangan langsung dari hapenya.

Sharing your invite link is the easiest way to earn free bits!

For every new user who signs up with your referral link/code and verifies their ID and Selfie, you'll both get 1000 bits.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Genesis Mining

Join now Genesis-mining and use code mXDcJY

And you will get a 3% discount on your purchase.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Start Mining ALT Coin in PC, Smartphone, or Web

First of all you need to register here...choose which banner below that you like

Actually both light or dark  is same, then click Sign Up...Green Button on the top right corner of the screen. Fill forms with Email and Password that you want then just proceed.

If you want to use your Android Smartphone for mining just install it from or click the Google Play button below

Twinci NFT Marketplace

  Buka di wallet dApp (TrustWallet/Metamask)  Marketplace Sosial NFT pertama. Buat, jual, dan kumpulkan item digital yg diamankan dengan blo...